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Betting on snooker

Betting on snooker can be really interesting and offers many options, thus allowing the development of different betting systems. In the next few lines I’m going to tell you exactly about a betting system on snooker which I have used with success so far. It is about live betting on each frame for the color of the first special ball which will be potted in every frame.

You know the main goal of the snooker player is to pocket a red ball, which then combines with a ball with a different color. The most preferred ball is black which has the most points – 7 and is relatively close to the group of red balls. The second high value ball is the pink one and this is the ball with highest odds for a first ball to be in a pocket. This is so because to pocket the pink ball first is really difficult because it is attached to the red group.

betting on snooker

The next value ball in snooker is the blue ball. It gives five points and is scored fairly often, as it is located in the middle and is very close to the two middle pockets.

In snooker betting the last three special balls are combined into one bet, so it doesn’t matter which one from the brown, green and yellow balls a player would score, it’s a winning bet.

Now, a bit more about my betting strategy. Since the coefficients of the first colored ball potted in snooker are big enough it allows betting with martingale for each of the options. My research shows that the success rate for each of these betting options is about 80% of the odds proposed to it. In other words, if you use flat betting with one of the options after 100 bets you will make a loss of 20%. However, if you use Martingale with small steps, which is allowed by the high odds, this is not problem at all and it will be converted into profit.

I bet for each ball to be pocketed first and when a bet is successful I stop the series for this ball.

Sell your bets

Have you heard about the opportunity to sell your betting coupons? If not, you can certainly explore a bit more into the matter, as it can be a quite interesting way to make money from betting. So, what is it about?

There are two options for selling bets. One relates to the constant changing of betting odds offered by the bookmakers. Sometimes the differences between the proposed odds a week before the match and those offered a few hours before the start could be significant. So if you are able to predict such a game and make your bet before the odds start to fall, then you can sell you betting coupon to a player who wants to bet on the prediction, but seeing the odds too short for a bet.

sell your bets

Of course, if the odds fall too much you can always make a back bet and thus obtain the so-called arbitration betting. By doing this you will win, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Another option for the sale of betting coupons is associated with accumulation of many matches. This option is available when the first few matches from your betting coupon are winning and remain a few which will decide whether you made a winning bet or not. Then you can sell your betting coupon for a price to a player who believes that the investment is worthwhile and could be risking with a similar stake. In this way you will win regardless of the outcome of the remaining matches, but in contrast, you cannot play for the big win which your bet would bring if it is successful.

Where can you sell and buy bets? In some betting forums you will find a special section for such trades. You can also find this option in different betting houses. There the procedure is easy and all the possibilities for fraud are cleared.

Around the world there are people who deal mainly with this type of betting. It ensures them secure profits. Is it acceptable for you? Consider yourself!

United – Newcastle – away win with handicap +1

Manchester United welcomes Newcastle in a match of the third round of the League Cup in England or as it should be called this year Capital One Cup. This is the third strongest tournament in England and everyone knows that the elite teams play with their second team in these matches. Sometimes in the squads we can see the names of some of the youth players of the teams, which is done because of the busy schedule the elite teams have.


Another thing that is important to consider when making a betting prediction for such match is that the winner of this tournament earns the opportunity to participate in the European competitions which is a steady source of income. Exactly this fact makes the difference in the attitude of the various teams in the competition. While for the big teams, it’s just a game to be played where they need to keep their important players, then for the teams of Newcastle’s calibre it is an opportunity to participate in the Europa League. Such battle we saw yesterday where the champions Manchester City lost from Aston Villa with 4-2 at home.

Will the same situation be repeated today with the other team from Manchester? I think it’s quite possible. Even more, that Newcastle is a team that can hinder their hosts in their main composition. Something, however, which is unlikely to happen as Sir Alex Ferguson will surely put the reserves in this match. The question is what kind of composition will choose the manager of Newcastle Alan Pardew.

I think the answer is that he will come up with a sufficient number of his main players as a victory at Old Trafford is always a bonus. Newcastle also has a relatively easy match against Reading in the Premier League, which however can hardly be said for the host who will play with Tottenham, which is a far more serious match.

So I would make a betting prediction for a Newcastle’s win at this match, but secured with the Asian Handicap advantage of one goal for the guests. It will bring me betting odds of 2.1. Thus a possible home win with one goal within the regular time will return the invested money.